How to compare fields in a filter?
27 December, 2022 by
Umme Huzaifa
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Suppose I want to compare the user_id field with the currently logged-in user id. Since we cannot use two field names in the filter, There is a solution here. We can use another field to check this.

Here is an example: We have a field name 'user_check'.

user_check = fields.Boolean('Check User',  index=True, compute="_compute_user_check")

@api.depends('user_id',  'current_user_id')

def _compute_user_check(self):

    if self.current_user_id == self.user_id:

        self.user_check = True


        self.user_check = False 

If we want to hide a field if the user id does not match with the currently logged-in user id, then in views we will use:

attrs="{'invisible': [('user_check', '=', False)]}"

Hope this will work. Thanks

Umme Huzaifa
27 December, 2022
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