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Restaurant Management Software

A restaurant management system helps in transforming restaurant management into a seamless, hassle-free profession. A prosperous and growing restaurant management business requires efficient, smart restaurant software to showcase the real potential of the finest business executions and standards. Restaurant management has become simpler and easier with Odoo Restaurant Management software. Odoo restaurant POS system act as a powerful, all-inclusive tool managing every Restaurant/Bar/Food court/Coffee shop need.

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Restaurant Management System

  •  Table management

  •  Order line notes

  •  Bill printing before payment

  •  Kitchen order printer

  •  Bill splitting

  •  Tips

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Point of Sale               

  • Multiple countries
  •  Offline report
  •  Multiple user session
  •  Cash control
  •  Bar-code support
  •  Product categories
  •  Attractive user interface
  •  Virtual Keyboard
  •  Large Scrollbar
  •  Taxes
  •  Included/Excluded tax
  •  Item wise/Global discount
  •  Price List
  •  Loyalty program
  •  Price modification control
  •  Multiple payment terms
  •  Direct invoicing
  •  Connected to inventory
  •  Multi-order Processing
  •  Search product
  •  Change cashier

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    • Multi-Warehouse
    •  Multi-Location
    •  Package managing
    •  Bar-code support
    •  Batch picking
    •  Advance Scheduling
    •  Inventory adjustment
    •  Re-ordering rules
    •  Inventory valuation
    •  Scrapping
    •  Product types
    • Shipping connectors
    •  Product variants
    •  Multiple units of measure
    •  Lot & Serial number tracking
    •  Expiry date
    •  Stock forecasting
    •  Product category
    •  Various product descriptions
    •  Run Scheduler
    •  Stock removal strategy