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Xsellence Healthcare Management

Xsellence Healthcare Management is a combination of world-class features & robust Odoo-based EMR & HMS hospital management solutions. Since its inception, it has become the most popular choice around the globe for our clients spanning from different parts of the world.

Patient Management

Manage your patients with their important details including family info, prescriptions, appointments, diseases, insurances, lifestyle, mental & social status, lab test details, invoices, and surgical histories.  

Manage Physicians

 Administer all your doctors with their complete details, weekly consultancy schedule, prescriptions, inpatient admissions and many more.

Appointments Scheduling

Doctors and patients can manage their appointments as oeHealth is tightly integrated with Odoo’s calendar control so you will be always updated on your upcoming schedules. 

Laboratory Management

 Configure all your lab test parameters once with their ranges to quickly generate your test result. Get the 9 most widely used laboratory tests already preconfigured within the package.

Inpatient Administration

 Manage inpatient hospitalization, wards, and beds reservations, add therapeutic diets beliefs, nursing plans, and discharge plans. Automatically raise payment notification at the time of discharge.

Invoicing & Accounting Integration

 This software is tightly integrated with Odoo's official Accounting module. You can easily raise invoices for services like Doctor's consultations, Prescriptions, Lab tests & Inpatient admissions directly from the package and manage different accounting tasks of your care center.

Pediatrics Management

Record full details for Newborn babies and perform the APGAR tests required immediately after birth. Physicians can also manage Pediatrics Symptom Checklist (PSC) to evaluate the growth of the child.