Employee Leave App and PC Software

HR work is not limited to the desk. You may need to do a small task from home at the weekend, from a tour on vacation, or outside of the office. So, it’s important to have mobile application features of your HRMS.  It Manages your employee absences and leaves with cloud-based HRM Software. This absence & leave management software has the features of Employee leave Applications, Leave Calendar, Leave Reliever, and much more.

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Employee Leave Software’s Benefits

  • It helps employees to work from anywhere.

  • xHR Leave Management Software has replaced the traditional hard copy application.

  • Staff can easily submit their leave application through mobile apps or the web.

  • This Employee Leave App will send the leave application to the layerwise approver.

  • Leave requests can be accepted or rejected quickly

Leave Reliever

  • If an employee goes on leave, he/she can assign someone to complete his/her tasks.

  • When an employee applies for leave and selects a leave reliever, the reliever will get a mail regarding this.

         Multiple Leaves Approver
         In the xHR Leave App, an admin or HR can set the parameters for the leave approver.
         Multiple layers can be added for approving leave.
         Leave approvers will be informed and can approve or reject accordingly.

        Leave Calendar

        • Leave calendar is available in the mobile app and web

        • Through the leave calendar, anyone from any department can see the leave applications of a team

        • Then anyone can apply for the leaves after knowing others' leave status

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        Our payroll module includes a generic payroll engine that handles everything required to compute hr salary slips, the taxes to pay, etc. You can manage your company's payroll by using this module.
        1. Payroll processing.
        2. Pay slip generation.
        3. Statutory and bank reporting.
        4. Import or export files to excel
        5. Cross platform viability.
        6. Easier to manage and update the databa

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