Xsellence Cloud

Why Cloud Infrastructure?

It is a hot buzz and enterprises are preferring Cloud Computing and Hosting over Traditional Shared Hosting.

Generally, In Traditional or Shared Hosting, A server with a fixed and limited configuration is shared by a set of different standalone websites. Websites share the server space, bandwidths, and other crucial resources on the server. Such an architecture is obviously easy on the pocket but is not ideal for large-scale apps or systems which arise a set of issues due to lagging or low performance.

Here comes the Cloud Computing on the play. Cloud Computing is based on the set of unified clusters of the servers which are integrated together and assure uptime of up to 99.999%.

In Cloud Infrastructure, several servers work together to serve the users globally, which enhances the performance at its peak and helps the enterprises to scale anytime with ease.

Verdict – Shared Hosts are ideal for small industries or websites, while Enterprises should adopt the Cloud Infrastructure for both scalability and flexibility.

 What we can help you with?

We can help you to get started with the cloud setup or migration, configuration, CDN Integration, optimization, and security.

We rely upon AWS (Amazon Web Services) for our apps and integrated software deployment. We recommend AWS to all enterprises which are focused on scalability and tweaks flexibility. 

If you want more information on Xsellence Cloud drop us a message and we will get back to you immediately