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SMS has become the most effective and ubiquitous means for enterprises to communicate with customers. SMS Messages are supported by 100% GSM Mobile Phones and they can be exchanged between different wireless carriers. There are a lot of use cases where corporates are mostly reliable on SMS services.

Not only incorporate worlds and two-way verification of social networking platforms, but SMS are also widely used in personal communication as well. A wide range of personal communications are still carried out by SMS.

What does the term ‘x’ mean in xSMS or xSMSC?

  • ‘x’ means: Xsellence, the product is brought to you by Xsellence Bangladesh Ltd.

  • ‘x’ means: The architecture that is Exponentially scalable with a huge capacity.

  • ‘x’ means: Anything that you need or that you desire on SMS.

Who can use our xSMS Solutions?

We provide solutions for all three cases of SMS communication which are Person-to-Person SMS Communication, Application-to-Person and Person-to-Application SMS solutions. If you are from corporate or enterprise organization or from Telco Operators, we provide solution for both of your cases.

  • Corporates/Enterprise/Resellers/Individuals: Who want a comprehensive SMS solution and don’t want to stablish connectivity with Telco Operators. Or if you have SMS reseller business you also can use our aggregator platform (xSMS Platform).

  • Telecom Operators: If you are Telco Operator and want to install SMSC solution, then here we are on your need.


  • P2P: Person-to-Person SMS communication. When a mobile user sends SMS to another user. Its also known as Peer-to-Peer SMS.

  • A2P: Application-to-Person SMS communication. In this case, SMS is sent from the application to customers. The common example of these communications are SMS alerts, OTP, Enterprise Communication, Promotional SMS,  Banks SMS Alerts to Customers, etc.

  • P2A: Person-to-Application SMS communication. For example, Applications or Enterprises

  • requires the Person’s input like OTP etc.

  • SMSC: A Short Message Service Center (SMSC) is a network element in the mobile telephone network. Its purpose is to store, forward, convert and deliver Short Message Service (SMS) messages. For example, our xSMSC is built for telecom operators.

  xSMS Platform (SMS Aggregator Solution)

a.  A2P Messaging & Scope:

For Enterprises, A2P is a huge market with numerous scopes of diversity. A2P Messaging By 2025, the A2P SMS Market will Reach $86.53 Bn.

Deploying a centralized Messaging Hub (Aggregator) provides protection to all group networks. It also provides a single point of entry for A2P Aggregators and Enterprises who wish to deliver messages to subscribers across the group’s footprint. And as P2P SMS volumes decline in the face of competition from global OTT players, a centralized Hub enables the group to consolidate its International P2P traffic through a single transit point, providing significant operational efficiencies and cost savings. A powerful medium that evolves with long-standing and fresh challenges

 b.  Features

  • Instant Delivery
  • Supports both Store-and-Forward and Fire- and-Forget modality
  • Retry Mechanism (Error-based Resubmission)
  • Group Messaging, Template Based
  • Delivery Reports
  • Queue Management
  • Account Management with Capacity
  • TPS/Threshold Control
  • Campaign, Promotion Management
  • Filtering & Keyword Based Detection
  • Customizable CDRs
  •  Audit Log, Access Log
  • Both Normal Mode and Datagram Mode (Datagram: No retry attempt)
  • MNP Processing Capability
  • Masking Capabilities
  • Blacklist and DND
  • Able to Process different TON/NPI
  • Multilingual Message Support
  • Dynamic Message Support
  • Message Search/Query Option
  • User-controlled Delivery of Messages

c.  Platform Benefits

Easy Integration with Standard RESTful API
  • Highly Scalable to Manage Heavy Traffic
  • Robust and Platform Agnostic
  • Microservices based Architecture
  • Bespoke and Customizable
  • Cost Efficient Solution
  • Designed and Built In-House to Conform to Open Standard Protocols

d.  Architecture

    xSMSC Platform (SMSC-as-a-Solution)

a.  Who are the Customers?
Mobile Telecom Operators can be the user of our xSMSC solution. It’s a ready to deploy
product with easily customizable capability.
b.  In which modality it can works?
It can work on all three modalities. P2P for massive customers, A2P for Telco Uses, P2A.

 c.  Features

  • Supports P2P, A2P and P2A Modality

  • Supports Store-and-Forward

  • Supports Fire-and-Forget modality

  • Retry Mechanism (Error-based Resubmission)

  • Supports Datagram Mode (No retry)

  • Instant Delivery & Delivery Reports

  • SMPP Profile Management

  • Queue Management

  • TPS/Threshold Control

  • Audit Log, Access Log

  • Masking Capabilities

  • Blacklist and DND

  • HLR Lookup for MNP Resolution

  • Customizable CDRs

  • Able to Process different TON/NPI

  • Multilingual Message Support

  • Dynamic Message Support

  • Account Management with Capacity

d.   Benefits

  • Low Latency

  • Instant Message Delivery

  • Easy Scalability, Easy to Integrate

  • Error Code-based Message Delivery

  • Monitoring Dashboard, Error Alerts

  • 24*7 Support

e.  Architecture

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