Sales Team/Employee Tracking


Business is like a game of chess. Every move matters. Time is precious. The location and movement of each piece is a must-know for one to win the game. Today's competitive and fast-changing business world demands the same.

With Xsellence  "Employee Tracker", you can locate your workforce and direct them towards the achievement of your business goals.

Employee Tracker is a new Tracking solution for the Business Market. This solution will help bring about efficiency to the value chain of organizations having field employees. Managing field operations & directing field employees toward business success has always been a concern for field managers like National & Regional Sales Managers, Area Managers & Distributors.

With the services of Xsellence Employee Tracker, organizations can now locate their employees, assign tasks to them digitally & also receive task updates electronically. The system is robust enough to handle data for even a thousand employees.

Main Features


Real-time overview of outdoor employee movements on the map

Location based task delegation and proactive workload allocation


Instant task status update


Business Reports generation on Employee Location & Task status based on organizational hierarchy


By using this solution, a company is expected to gain:


  1. Faster Actions

  2. Excellent planning and precise workforce management

  3. Efficient workload assignment to lead to greater employee satisfaction.


The end result is, that a company is expected to enjoy higher productivity in field operations in terms of enhanced sales volume and prompt customer service. All these benefits will help the company to have a competitive edge in the market.