How To Fix Invoice Line Value Missing On Saving issue || Adding Field in Invoice Line
19 September, 2022 by
Umme Huzaifa
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  • Suppose¬†we have a custom field free_quantityty in the invoice line. But when we save the invoice the value is disappeared. The reason is that there are two One2Many fields in this model (account.move). The solution is we have to add this field in both of one2many fields which are invoice_line_ids and line_ids.

    Here is an example below:

<xpath expr="//field[@name='invoice_line_ids']/tree/field[@name='price_unit']" position="after">
<field name="free_quantity"/>

<xpath expr="//field[@name='line_ids']/tree/field[@name='account_id']" position="after">
<field name="free_quantity" invisible="1"/>

I Hope, it will help. Thanks

Umme Huzaifa
19 September, 2022
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